Admin & Ops

Our admin team are always ready to lend a helping hand to assist and support you for a seamless work process.


We organise a host of client engagement activities, such as appreciation dinners, client seminars and roadshows to interact with clients, strengthen existing relationships and connect with new clients.

Education & Training

We provide resources on a multitude of platforms and technologies, as well as equipping you with the necessary knowledge and skills, to aid you in becoming a Financial Services Consultant.


We believe in giving back to society and regularly organise meaningful activities such as charity drives, visits and volunteer work.

Service Support

Our leaders advocate and provide support in the inter-dependent phase for your daily operational needs, general insurance and mortgage loans.

Digital Marketing

We invest heavily in digital and social media marketing for exclusive client experiences and VIP clients’ consolidated financial portfolios to assist you in achieving targets and goals


We are always looking out for new additions of motivated and hardworking individuals to grow our terms and departments within the company.